Published: 01 May 2015
Ed's to do list
Ed reminds us that there are still plenty of jobs to be done in the garden now that the growing season is well under way.

Fruit & Vegetables
If you have still got any leeks in the ground now is a good time to dig them up and heel them into a shady corner, this will free up the ground ready for the next crop. They can be used as required, I found the variety called Prize taker performed well for me.
Plant out any August sown onion sets into their final growing position.
If like me, you have sown any Kelsae onion seeds in cell trays, now is the time to plant them up into small pots and grow them on ready to be planted out into their final growing position.

Sow seeds like Broad Beans, Brussel Sprouts, Cabbages, Beetroot, Celery, Carrots, Peas, Radishes and Lettuces to name a few. With Lettuces and Radishes I find sowing these every seven to ten days gives me a good supply of fresh salad for friends and family to share.
Check and make sure all your pea and bean supports are in good order, tie in the plants as they grow to reduce the risk of them falling as the get bigger..
Complete the planting of main and early potato varieties and finish harvesting any remaining Brussel sprouts and remove the old stalks.
There is still time to sow tomato and cucumber seeds in the greenhouse or polytunnel, the cucumber seeds would benefit from some bottom heat to get them started.

Flower garden
Complete rose pruning, I do this on the third week of the third month to the third outward facing bud, this will remove any crossing stems to open up the centre of the rose bush, while carrying out this task you can remove what is known as the three d’s, which are dead, dying and damaged, this will give you a good strong shaped rose for the coming season. It is also a good time to give your roses a feed of any well-known rose fertiliser, when using any products always follow the makers instructions. To finish this task off give the roses a top dressing of well rotten horse manure or garden compost.
Sweet peas may be sown directly where you would like to grow them. As with many seeds which are sown directly into the soil always make sure the seed bed is well prepared.
Plant out any stored dahlia tubers into their flowering positions, keep a close eye on the weather were you live as there is still a chance of frost and supply protection if required.

Water any seedlings you have growing, but be careful not to over water as this can cause the seedlings to damp off.
Near the end of April you can directly sow half hardy annuals like Nasturtiums into open ground, I have found these to be very popular mixed in with salad. So will be growing more this year than last.
Continue to sow all kinds of hardy annuals where you would like them to grow, when these start to grow if they are a bit too close together thin them out, this will help the remaining .
Continue to plant out any container grown plants, making sure to prepare the planting hole well with garden compost.
Where lavender bushes have got leggy, cut them back, this will encourage the plants to send out fresh new growth and flowers for the coming growing season.
As the daffodil flowers heads fade, cut them off, this will keep the borders looking tidy and stop the plants using a lot of energy to produce seeds rather than strong bulbs for next year
Other jobs
These include keeping the hoe moving around the plot and borders to remove weeds form getting established.
Start cutting the grass areas with the blades set higher, this will help to keep the lawn looking green and fresh early in the season. If you have any areas of lawn which require top dressing or repairs, this is a good time to undertake these. When using any products or seeds always follow the makers instructions to how much to use per sq, meter.
Reported by Ed Gent  

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