Published: 09 February 2015
Review: How to Create a New Vegetable Garden
This new book is perfectly timed for creating your new edible garden for the 2015 growing season.
Charles Dowding’s recently published book, ‘How to Create a New Vegetable Garden’ is the latest in his acclaimed list to date.  As with all has writing there is plenty of no-nonsense and straightforward advice. This book will provide the perfect starting point for the beginner or experienced gardener when planning and preparing a new area to produce edible crops, whatever the scale of the project. 
Charles Dowding’s endless enthusiasm and curiosity spills out of every page of the book with details of his experiments looking at which mulch, compost or growing method works best, including his ongoing experiment on the no-dig method for which he is now famous. 
This book takes you step-by-step through the planning and early stages, including short cuts for clearing the ground and killing persistent weeds; the what, why and how of mulching and minimizing digging; sowing and planting across the seasons and growing in polytunnels and greenhouses. In addition to the really essential practical points Charles will help you create and maintain a vegetable garden that is also a beautiful garden.
It is impossible not to feel inspired by the unique combination of helpful guidance and enthusiastic encouragement of experimentation. As Charles proves, there is no plot of land too wild to tame, a building site to overgrown with weeds or an unwanted lawn that can’t be turned into a productive and beautiful garden area. 
All this fact is based on Charles Dowding’s many years of hands on practical experience in his own gardens, his latest garden plot will have tested his knowledge and skills, especially when you see the results he has achieved in a comparatively short timescale.
Title: How to create a new Vegetable Garden
Publisher: Green Books
ISBN: 978 085 784 2442
Available -12th February 2015  |  £19.99  |  Hardcover

About the Author

Charles Dowding won the 2014 Garden Media Guild Practical Journalist of the Year award. He has written several books including, Organic Gardening, Salad Leaves for all Seasons, How to Grow Winter Vegetables and Gardening Myths and Misconceptions. He is the leading authority on no-dig gardening as well as a gardening writer. He also grows vegetables commercially and runs popular courses for amateur gardeners.

We visited Charles at his garden in 2013, watch the video below to see him demonstrate some of his No-Dig methods of organic vegetable growing.

Reported by Chris Allen  

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