Published: 20 November 2014
National Tree Week 2014
The importance of trees will be in the spot light during 2014 National Tree Week from November 29th to December 7th
Organised by The Tree Council the week provides opportunities for individuals, communities and organisations to not only to get a better understanding of trees  with walks and talks but also carry out hands on practical events that include planting new trees.
The Tree Council and local authority tree officers are a good source of information and advice on the planting and care of trees and can be contacted via their websites.
When planting new trees the choice of tree type and the proposed planting area should always be checked to ensure that trees will not grow and create future problems, especially if on or near public spaces and highways. Advice should always be sort prior to carry out planting, even on private land.
The Tree Council website;  is full of interesting information, if you would like further details of  National Tree Week events in your area click on the link ‘Near You map’, here you will see many tree related activities and events  being taking place throughout the UK. There is also a link for anyone organising their own event to post details for other to see and possibly join in where appropriate.

This annual event is a great time to encourage more people to take an interest in trees, hopefully many will plant a tree somewhere or take more active roles in safeguarding the trees in their own gardens or neighbourhoods.  Whatever happens during the week, and thereafter just raising the awareness of how important trees are to our wellbeing will be a good outcome.

Editors suggestion for further reading

The Book of Leaves
For those with an interest in trees, and wishing to identify more of them there is a great book that is full of life size colour illustrations of tree leaves from around the world.
At first glance this book may appear too specialised for many people, however the more that I look at it and use it the more useful it is becoming.
The first few pages go back to basics and answer questions such as ‘What is a tree?’ and ‘What is a leaf?’ The ‘Leaf function’ pages give a fascinating in site into what leaves do, this is followed descriptions on the vast array of leaf variety, shape and anatomy plus their arrangement as part of the structure of a tree. The well laid out pages of leaf types and groups is an excellent quick reference guide to help identify tree families.
The bulk of this book is made of the pages containing details from over six hundred of the world’s great trees; each has a compressive description, geographical distribution map and the life size colour image of each trees leaf.
The authors, Allen J Coombes and Zsolt Debreczy are both world renowned tree people with not only fantastic experience in the field but also the scientific knowledge and understanding of tree classification and what they need to grow and prosper.  
This book could be too big to carry around in the field; however as a reference book in the car or office it is great. It deserves to be a widely used working publication
Title: ‘The Book of Leaves’
Publisher: New Holland Publishers
ISBN: 9781 78009 0597
Further details:
Reported by Chris Allen  

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