Published: 30 September 2014
The English Garden Future Fund
The English Garden Magazine has launched its new ‘Future Fund’ and is in search of Horti Heroes!
Have you ever had a Eureka moment and come up with an exciting new idea that could set the gardening world alight? If so, The English Garden Future Fund could help make that dream a reality.
The concept for the new bursary scheme came about following a fabulous random act of kindness. The English Garden magazine was left a large sum of money by a reader in her Will, as thanks for all the joy and knowledge she had gained from reading the magazine. This gave The English Garden team an exciting opportunity to pass that generosity forward to benefit the gardening community as a whole, through the launch of the annual Future Fund.
So whether you are an inspired individual, a group of gardening geniuses, a charity with a challenge, or a professional with a cunningly brilliant plan, you can apply for The English Garden Future Fund, which could be as much as £5,000 each year. 
Application forms can be found in the October and November 2014 editions of The English Garden magazine, and further details can be found by visiting where you can also view a fun film about The Future Fund, narrated by gardening guru Chris Beardshaw.
There is no time to waste, as applications close at the end of November 2014, after which a shortlist of projects will be selected. Then it will be over to the gardening public to vote for the project they think has the gardening X Factor and deserves to receive The Future Fund for 2015. The lucky recipient will be announced at the end of February 2015. 
Editor Stephanie Mahon [left] and Editor-at-large, Tamsin Westhorpe during the recent launch event at Le Manoir.
The English Garden editor Stephanie Mahon said, “Gardeners are known for their incredible generosity, whether that’s giving away seeds or cuttings, or sharing their knowledge and experience. We wanted the generous donation we received to be used to help sow the seeds for new gardening inspiration, to grow and benefit the horticultural community now and in the future. We are really looking forward to receiving some exciting entries from the many horticultural heroes there are throughout the UK, who we know are bursting with fresh ideas that could really make a difference.”
This great initiative by The English Garden magazine highlights the importance of turning good ideas into practice in the world of gardening and horticulture. The Gardening Times will be following the progress of selecting the successful applicant and in due course the outcomes of their venture.  
Further the details can be found on their website:
No excuses get your thinking caps on and the application form completed, November will soon be here!
Information supplied by The English Garden Magazine
Reported by Chris Allen  

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