Published: 18 September 2014
Fiskars Garden Light Leaf Rakes
One of the most important tasks this autumn is leaf raking, a task that is more important than you might realise.
Fiskars tools make the task easier, the lightweight ergonomic Fiskars Garden Light leaf rake is perfect for the job. Available in two sizes - medium and large - you can be ready for the task at hand, whatever the size of the garden.
At Fiskars leaf raking is taken seriously since fallen leaves smother your lawn and prevent turf from accessing the energy it needs to survive the winter months. On paths and pavements they become a treacherous slippery mat.
Fallen leaves create a barrier on lawns that trap moisture, inhibit sunlight and harbour insects and diseases that can kill patches of even the healthiest grass. So leaves need to be removed and to do that effectively, you need the best rake.
There is no shortage of rakes on the market but the new Fiskars Garden Light leaf rakes are so much more than just fine looking tools. With an ergonomically designed lightweight hardened aluminium shaft and comfortable soft grip handle, garden clearing requires far less effort. The plastic head has just the right rigidity to retain a firm grip on leaves and the perfect amount of flex and span to collect large quantities of debris without harming the healthy grass underneath. The robust lightweight Fiskars Garden Light leaf rakes are equally efficient at clearing pavements and paths.
As autumn and winter approach, every gardener knows that a successful start to the spring is created by making sure their gardens are in tip top condition beforehand. Using well-designed, durable tools from Fiskars can reduce strain, save time and make a big difference to the end result.
The Fiskars Garden Light Leaf Rake in large and medium have an RRP of £29.99 each. Fiskars tools are available nationwide at DIY stores, garden centres and online. 
For further details on the Fiskars range see their website: 
Information supplied by Fiskars
Reported by Chris Allen  

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