Published: 02 September 2014
Ed's August Checklist
Ed reminds us that there are still jobs to be done around the garden to keep the displays looking good and the crops ready for harvesting.

In the flower garden

Start to plant out your spring bulbs, like Daffodils and Tulips just to name a couple.
Continue to water and feed all plants in polytunnels or frames and pots to maintain good growth.
Start to collect seeds from some plants, as the flowers begin to fade. Store seed in paper bags to stop them rotting off.
Check supports on dahlia plants and keep cutting the flowers as they become ready to encourage more flowers and cut back hardy geraniums as this will encourage a new flush of growth.
Get your seed bed ready, you can then start to sow hardy annuals directly into their flowering position.
Continue to deadhead rose bushes to encourage longer flowering for the rest of the season.
Check and continue to deadhead hanging baskets give them feed and water this will keep them going until the autumn, continue to feed all container grown plants with a liquid fertiliser.
In one of my borders I have planted out some ornamental grasses to give the border a little bit of winter interest, I will leave the flower stems on them to add more interest to the border, especially if there is a covering of frost or snow later in the year.
Take cuttings of tender perennials as soon as you can and place them in a cool greenhouse or on a windowsill until they established.

Prune lavender lightly after flowering, do not cut into the older woody stems.


Fruit and Vegetables

Continue to cut courgettes and runner beans as they become ready, this will encourage more cropping.
Lift onions and start drying them off for winter storage.
Lift potatoes from the ground as they become ready and store them in paper sacks in a cool place. 
Continue to harvest crops like sweetcorn, beetroot and other vegetable as they become ready.
Pick tomato and cucumbers from the tunnel or greenhouse as they become ready
Pick some of the first chilli fruits which are ready, I roasts some of mine with tomato and garlic to make my own tomato and chill soup; this gives a nice kick to the soup. You can freeze this down and have it with a nice slice of homemade bread on them cold winter evenings after working outside during the day.
Pot up strawberry runners’ into pots if you have not already done so, these can be used to gap up any missing in the rows or to plant out into a new strawberry bed for next year.
Continue to pick raspberries and early season apples, blackberries and plum as they become ready.

Other Jobs

Give all hedges a final trim now this will keep them looking good for the coming months.

Continue to cut the grass areas and edge up and remove annual weeds from all borders and beds provided the ground is sufficiently dry.

If you have, a wildlife or ornamental pond, in the garden keep it topped up with water.
Sow some green manure in empty areas of ground; dig this in the following spring so they can release their nutrients back into the soil.
Continue to keep the hoe moving around the plot and borders to remove any weeds.
Continue to water and feed all plants inside the greenhouse and outside on the plot. When feeding always follow the makers’ instructions. 
Reported by Ed Gent  

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