Published: 10 June 2014
A Rose among Roses!
There are times when I see a plant and have not a clue as to what species of type it may be; This occurred again when I visited Toby Buckland’s recent Garden Festival.
If it had not been on the Pococks Roses stand surrounded by hundreds of quality rose plants I would have struggled to identify it by the flower alone.

Discussing the unknown plant with nursery owner Stewart Pocock, and looking at the label, I discovered that the highly unusual flower was a China rose called Rosa viridiflora.  
Rosa viridiflora.

The green / reddish looking ‘flower’ is predominately comprised of bracts, the actual petals of the flower are deep within the centre of this formation.  Alas there is no fragrance during the flowering period of May / June through to late season and the first frosts.

Stewart Pocock.
Stewart Pocock commented “Rosa viridiflora is a highly unusual plant and is certainly a curiosity and a talking point, we grow some each year because it is popular with flower arrangers.”
Pococks Roses are situated near the delightful Hampshire town of Romsey. They grow in the region of sixty thousand plants in their nursery fields each year and have over four hundred and fifty varieties for customers to choose from.  Their website contains not only the details and excellent images of their roses but also comprehensive lists of roses of specific colours and types, and for special occasions or uses within a garden setting. Visit their website:   or arrange a nursery visit to see fields of roses growing.
As many readers already know, it is the discovering of new or unusual plants that makes gardening all the more interesting, and challenging, especially trying to remember the botanical names and their correct spellings!
Reported by Chris Allen  

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