Published: 20 May 2014
Eco Moss
A great DIY material for lining containers.

Ecomoss liner material is a 100% bio-degradable natural fibre that works as an easy to use liner for hanging baskets, troughs and homemade containers where the compost needs to be retained. With its degradable plastic inner liner for superior water retention and perforations to allow drainage the material can be easily cut to shape and size to fit any container. When irregular shaped containers are used this lightweight material can be cut and overlapped to ensure good coverage. Planting holes or slits can also be cut out for maximum planting density around the outside of the container.

The Editor made this wire frame planter shown in these pictures and used the Ecomoss to line it. The clothes pegs around the top may look eccentric but were brilliant for holding the liner in place while filling with compost.
A single pot of Soleirolia soleirolii [Mind-your-own-business] was bought from a local florist shop and split into several segments; the objective is to create a shaped green foliage container.  Note: Beware that Soleirolia is invasive if it escapes into the garden, especially in milder, damp areas. 

Ecomoss is an easy to use environmentally friendly product that will be of use to all keen gardeners wherever they are growing plants.  After use the Ecomoss material can be composted and even the plastic packing is 100% bio-degradable.
This product is available from leading garden centres and garden retailers in pre-cut sizes for basket or in various roll lengths.
Information supplied by Gardeco Ltd
Reported by Chris Allen  

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