Published: 09 March 2014
Assaf Frank
Digital art can certainly show us the beauty of the natural and built world as a recent meeting demonstrated.
I first met Assaf Frank when he was concentrating on taking a very close up image of a Dahlia bloom at the Malvern Autumn show in 2013.  His camera indicated that he was a professional photographer, his attention to detail showed that he knew the shot that he wanted, and then in conversation his knowledge of flowers told me that he had a real affinity with plants and the natural world. Further discussions at a recent meeting in London confirmed all this.
Assaf grew up in Israel on his family farm where a range of crops were grown. He spent much of his early life being close to nature and saw plants being grown through the different stages of their production.  This interest and knowledge remained with him through his early career in the city.  However, a few years ago a career change allowed him to take up photography professionally and set up the Best Shot Factory Image Library. From that time he has travelled the world with his camera taking images of the cityscapes and the natural landscapes of Europe, America, Israel and eastern regions.
Assaf’s Hasselblad H1 camera with a Phase One digital back is a top of the range model, the resulting images are of such high quality they can be cropped or enlarged without losing any clarity or details, whether being used to cover an entire wall display or a greeting card.
The printed images from his travels can now be seen all over the world in commercial displays and on sale in many leading retail stores as works of art, wall art,  greetings cards and even ceramic products. His commissioned shots are also reproduced in many publications from professional works to glossy coffee table books. 
The Gardening Times is delighted that Assaf will be sharing some of his plant images with readers, over the next few months he will be shooting some special images for us to highlight the amazing details within the structures of flowers and plants.
For those wishing to see more of Assaf’s stunning images take a look at his website. A word of warning however, ensure you have sufficient time because once you see the first few shots you will be hooked by their sheer beauty and clarity; his travel images will take you on a journey to some of the most stunning locations in the world.
The use of cameras, and the skills of the photographer are a fantastic way to share the beauty and complexity of plants, proving that the more we look, the more we can see.
Reported by Chris Allen  

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