Published: 22 January 2014
Count the wildlife that is counting on you
This is the message that the RSPB are giving out to encourage even more people to take part in the first 2014 Big Garden Birdwatch.
The important dates for this survey are 25th and 26th January when everyone is being encouraged to spend one hour counting and recording the birds seen in your garden or local park.
This is a copy of the printed sheet sent by post to RSPB members and those who have completed previous surveys. Recording your sighting can also be carried out online on the RSPB website where all the details can be seen.
To put the importance of these RSPB surveys into context here is a quote from the covering letter that was delivered in the post to me, ‘The chilling conclusion of the State of Nature report was that 60% of UK wildlife species monitored in the report have declined over the past fifty years’
This statement mirrors the findings of previous RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch surveys over the past thirty five years. 
For all of us who enjoy seeing wildlife in our gardens and understand the important roles each species plays in the wider ecological scheme  it is essential we actively promote more people to take part in these surveys so organisations can gain a better understanding of why the decline of certain species is continuing before it is to late.

Further details are available on:
Information supplied by the RSPB
Reported by Chris Allen  

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