Published: 08 November 2013
How to Make and Use Compost
We reivew the book, How to Make and Use Compost: The Ultimate Guide by Nicky Scott.
The author, Nicky Scott starts the book by sharing with readers his enthusiasm, interest and vast experience in all things compost. The first chapters tackle the basic facts about how to make and use compost in a garden situation. 
Chapter 4 goes on to explain, in sufficient detail, the many different composting methods plus giving the pros and cons for each. A summary chart gives useful guidelines as to the amount of space needed to carry out each of the described methods.  

There is also information regarding the materials used for the construction of different types of bins, from DIY designs to readymade units.

The 47 pages containing the A – Z guide of compostable, and non compostable materials will be invaluable for gardeners new to making garden compost. This exhaustive list details the good and possible adverse points for each entry.

Chapter 9 gives clear guidelines specifically for processing food waste on a larger scale, such as for small businesses and commercial operations; this is followed in the next chapter with information relevant to setting up and operating school composting units where pupils could be actively involved in the process.
The final chapter concentrates on listing the many resources available to compost makers, from reference books and websites to organisations and equipment. Each entry will be able to provide further information for specific user needs. Nicky Scott’s book will provide new composters and established enthusiasts with valuable information, and renewed confidence to produce high grade compost that is proven to benefit plants growing in a multitude of differing situations.


Final Thoughts

Throughout the book there are photographs, diagrams and charts to help illustrate the points being made in the text. This easy to read, practical book should be essential reading for everyone with an interest in organic waste reduction and recycling and equally importantly growing plants using more sustainable methods.      
Title: How to Make and Use Compost: The Ultimate Guide
Author: Nicky Scott
Publisher :Green Books   
ISBN: 978-1-900322-59-1
Price: £9.95
Reported by Chris Allen  

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