Published: 09 October 2013
Sue's Views: Enrolling
In the first of a new series following her Sustainable Horticulture course at Bicton College, Sue introduces herself.
As I enrolled at Bicton College, Diane asked me “Is this your first course at Bicton?” I replied, “No, actually, I did a chainsaw proficiency course here about 20 years ago.”  Diane: “Really? You don’t look the type.” I didn’t let this inauspicious start put me off and am now a confirmed full time student of sustainable horticulture. Not that I’ve actually done anything yet. The course starts tomorrow. 
It has taken all my organisational skills (which admittedly are not extensive) to get this far. Life gets more rewarding but also more complicated as it goes on and there’s not just me to think about any more. I thought I’d got it all together with childcare: a minder and long-suffering husband picking up the pieces. However I have to admit the wholesome home-cooked dinner I was meant to pre-prepare has not been done yet and it’s now 10pm. Any suggestions?
The course is meant to cover soil science, plant identification, forest gardening, veggies, garden machinery, organic gardening and loads more all with a focus on sustainable practice. The great part of it is that it’s set at Dartington with its heavenly gardens and holistic approach. I’m going to review each week in this column (unless the whole family gets flu like last year when I had to stop everything for 2 weeks and make a Chinese dragon with coughing children).

Hopefully by the end of the year I’ll stop sounding like such an amateur and will know how not to kill plants. My success up to now has been variable. My low point was when my cactus died from lack of water. My high was harvesting veg this year which I remembered to water and actually tasted great. The kids loved shelling peas and digging potatoes.
I’ve bought quite a remarkable hat, for a tenner. (See photo) The kids think I look like a cowboy. I’m thinking more Crocodile Dundee. Whatever, I’m thinking it’s a good hat for an adventure. We’ll see what happens tomorrow.
Reported by Sue  

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