Published: 12 August 2013
World of Grasses on show
Lullingstone Castle will be celebrating the World of Grasses over the Bank Holiday weekend in August 2013.
Pony Tail grass from Argentina.
Creator of the World Garden Tom Hart Dyke says “Grasses are everywhere – every continent has their own – yet they are so underrated. But things are looking up as they are growing in popularity. You can find a good selection of grasses now in many garden centres. They are wonderful to have in any garden not least because they add ‘structure’, which makes gardens look especially spectacular as summer fades to autumn”. 
During the weekend there will be guided tours of the World Garden and its grasses by modern-day plant hunter Tom Hart Dyke at midday and 2pm.  These tours are included in the admission price and with Tom’s knowledge and enthusiasm they are certain to be most enjoyable and highly informative. Younger visitors to the garden can take up the challenge of the Plant Hunter’s Quiz.

Grass Facts

Here are a few little known grassy insights from Tom:
•       Pampas grass from South America gained notoriety in the 1950s as a symbol of 'swinging'. If they grew in the middle of one's front lawn, they indicated that the owners were 'swingers'. On tours of the Garden Tom sometimes sees knowing smiles among the visitors!
•       Arunda Donax, the Giant Reed from Southern France, at 16 feet is the tallest perennial in the world. Lignocaine comes from this grass and was the source for the original local anaesthetic in dentistry. 
•       The tallest grass is the bamboo, which many may not realise is a member of the grass family.
Toe Toe Pampas grass from New Zealand.

Giant Foxtail bamboo from Chile.

World Garden

All of these grass species plus many more can be seen in the World Garden created by Tom Hart Dyke in the old walled garden at his home in Lullingstone Castle. There will be a selection of grasses for sale in the Plant Hunter’s Nursery. 
Event times / dates: 11am – 5pm on August 23rd, 24th, 25th & 26th    
Admission: Adults: £7, Senior Citizens: £6.50, Child: £4, Family Ticket: £18
For more information visit the website:

Reported by Chris Allen  

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