Published: 07 June 2013
Young Gardeners Get Growing
We follow the story of three new gardeners were keen to grow some vegetables in their back garden in Exeter, Devon.
Getting started...
Their parents were keen to let them have a go so they decided to make plans as to how each young daughter could have their own small space to develop their interests in plants.  
Having planned the best position within the rear garden for both natural light, ease of mowing the lawn and the most pleasing visual effect, the most straight forward way was to build three separate raised beds. Each one was approximately 2.5 m x 1m
Treated softwood timber was sourced from a local sawmill who fells and processes timber from landowners in the region. This was used to form the main framework and supports for each bed.  Attention to detail was important to ensure the structures were secure and safe when in use and also visually attractive to look at.
Bulk bags of good quality loam mixed with recycled organic matter were purchased from a local supplier in order to fill the 25cm depth beds.

Planting Scheme

The girls were actively involved in the positioning, marking out and some aspects of constructing the timber frames and the filling of the beds with the soil mix.  Once the beds were complete they began planting their seeds and plants having decided their own planting scheme. There was a good balance between edible and ornamental varieties with both seed and young plants being used in the first plant phase.

This is a great project for any new gardeners to be involved with.  Each area is not too big so it will become a chore while large enough to allow for a mixture of plants to be grown and enjoyed through all stages of development.
Our thanks to Dawn, Seren and Jenna for sharing their garden project, and their mum, Sue for the brilliant filming highlighting the first stages. We hope to follow the progress of the three plots as the season progresses and the crops start being harvested.

The Gardening Times would be pleased to hear from readers who are setting up new areas for growing plants. Please contact us by email: with a brief description of the project and if you are able to record some images on a mobile phone, we will then come back to you with some thoughts as to how your story could go into the magazine. 
Reported by Chris Allen  

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