Published: 24 May 2013
Images from Chelsea 2013
For 100 years the RHS Chelsea Flower Show has led the world- the 2013 centenary show was no exception.
The incredibly spectacular floral display from Nang Nooch Tropical Botanical Garden in Thailand.
The world came to London and saw a display of horticultural excellence despite the horrendous weather conditions thrown at the growers, exhibitors, designers and garden contractors as well as the organisers and show teams who carry out the enormous work load that allows the show to take place. 
There were uncertainties prior to the show opening as to what the standard of the finished displays would be due to the prolonged bad weather. The skills, determination and experience of everyone involved however ensured that the highest standards were achieved once again; proof of this being in the record number of medals and awards being presented across all areas of the show.

This year’s Press Day on Monday 20th May was the busiest I have seen. There were media people everywhere taking pictures of everything, interviewing everyone that moved and walking around recording anything that made a noise.

There were of course lots of celebrities parading the circuit looking interested in the horticulture and especially interested in the paparazzi who were especially interested in them! All of this razzmatazz may appear to detract the mass media away from the gardening and the gardeners but at least they help to spread news of this great show around the world.

The Gardens

The Conversation Garden - designed by Willmott Whyte - a green space in which to ponder our increasingly fragile world.
The show gardens were as varied as ever, with brilliant use of hard landscape materials to give structure and form whilst the planting combinations softened and united areas within the gardens to create some great themes and styles. The larger show gardens in Main Avenue were spectacular for many reasons, either as a whole or for details within them.  

In the smaller Artisan Gardens along the Serpentine Walk in the Ranelagh area every square metre must be full of interest and attention to every detail is critical.

Likewise the more contemporary displays in the ‘Fresh’ categories had to be prepared and presented to show off every detail because visitors [and judges] who are up very close and personal will see everything.  
The floral displays in The Great Pavilion highlight the diversity of horticulture from every corner of the globe. From botanic gardens and research establishments, local governments, universities, colleges and schools plus many national and international plant breeders, growers and retailers.  The results of all these people who have such knowledge and expertise being in the same place at the same time are the most dynamic plant displays seen anywhere in the world.      


The following images give an introduction to some of the great design features at the 2013 Chelsea Show.

Le Jardin De Yorkshire - inspired by the hosting of the
2014 Tour de France.

Le Jardin De Yorkshire - Dry stone walls, sheep,
meadows of grass and the very rare slipper orchid.
An Alcove (Tokonoma) Garden. 2013 saw designer Kazuyuki Ishihara win another gold and Best Artisan Garden. The attention to detail was quite amazing.

Dr David Bellamy talking to the garden
designer, Prof Nigel Dunnett

Designer Roger Platts during his many media interviews
prior to being awarded his gold medal.

The main show sponsor, M&G Investments, also
sponsored a beautiful garden called
'Windows Through Time' depicting the past 100
years of British gardening.

The Royal Bank of Canada sponsored this Blue Water Roof Garden to highlight the importance of fresh water resources.

A shot from the past 100 years on the Pennard Plants 'The Walled Garden Display'


'Enlightenment' by Birmingham City Council. A dramatic and colourful display with a novel use of books to create the edging border.

The next series of images will be coming soon and will highlight the people and the plants seen at the 2013 show.

Full show reports will also follow soon they will include Adam Frost’s Homebase garden, NAFAS under the sea and The Garden Club of America.

Reported by Chris Allen  

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