Published: 26 April 2013
Christopher James
Following the announcement of the RHS National Young Designer of the Year 2013 shortlist we profile the first of the candidates, Christopher James.
Christopher James
Christopher is one of the three successful candidates who has been through the RHS selection process that will allow him to build his garden at Tatton Park show as part of the Young Garden Designer of the Year competition. 
With his degree in garden design and now several years of experience, he not only knows the theory but can also implement his designs to high standards on the many sites his clients have commissioned him for. 
His Tatton show garden design brings together many carefully thought out plant, design and construction ideas which he may also be considering on a commissioned garden project for a client later in the year. 
Christopher’s gardens highlight the show’s guideline requirement for using renewable resources & recycled materials concentrating on how they can be adapted for use within a garden which works both practically and aesthetically.

GreEnCO Sense

Design by Christopher James
Within the design Chris has identified the key aspects of any well designed space by careful thought into the way in which visitors will view and move around the garden. He has created a three dimensional design by carefully considering heights of plants and the hard landscaping involved. The ultimate aim is to provide an interactive and interesting journey through the garden.
The furnishing of the garden like any room to a house is vitally important. With this in mind Chris has ensured careful attention to the planting scheme. With 90% of the surface area consisting of a simple combination of colours working in harmony, the garden shows off some fantastic flower combinations for the 25th July start date. The planting scheme includes; Digitalis ferruginea, Clematis ‘Mazowsze’ and The Golden Rain Tree Koelreuteria paniculata.

Design by Christopher James

Within the design Christopher has included some imaginative new concepts. Included with this is an idea of an ornate recycled scrap copper pergola and the best use of empty wine bottles any good dinner party could ever find. 
There is no doubt that the attention to detail at every stage of the planning process is critical, however it is essential to carry this through to the finished garden.

Christopher James has certainly set himself a challenge to complete his garden on the show site within the time schedule allowed. 
Individual profiles on the other two Young Designers, Florian Degroise and Tom Woods will appear over the next couple of weeks.
The Gardening Times will also be reporting from the Tatton Show and will update on the progress of all three designers.
Reported by Chris Allen  

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