Published: 22 April 2013
Gardening Times Audio Record
The Gardening Times team are delighted to announce the start of a unique new feature within the magazine.
Chris Allen prepares to record an Audio Record
We are compiling an ‘Audio Record’ by recording interviews relating directly to our gardening heritage. This will be achieved by visiting many different venues and events around the UK with our travelling display unit and gathering stories first hand from the men and women who have been actively involved with the gardens of the past and present.
“We want to highlight the work and dedication of these often forgotten horticultural heroes. These are the people who worked hard to create and maintain many wonderful gardens, parks and estates and often pioneered new gardening techniques and introduced new plants, many of which we can still see and enjoy today” says editor, Chris Allen.


The Gardening Times will record this important part of our national and social heritage. These recordings are intended to bring a real insight into the world of the garden owners, professional gardeners and allied professionals who worked on the grand estates, public parks and collections and in private gardens of every shape and size, some of which may be well known and others being completely private sites. There will be stories about forgotten gardens and the gardeners that have been lost forever but still live in people’s memories.
These interviews will bring to life the day to day realities and the personal stories from behind the garden gates as told by the gardeners themselves. 
Tom Hart Dyke at The World Garden at Lullingstone Castle and modern day Plant Hunter says “The Audio record project will be a wonderful insight and source of endless inspiration to the gardeners of the future and the gardens that they will create and work in.”

Some of the areas that we aim to document.
The recordings will be accessible within this magazine and will give a firsthand account of how gardeners lived and the diverse work they carried out in the years gone by; it will be of interest to a wide audience, including today’s gardeners and those interested in following in their footsteps as  professional gardeners or horticulturists.

Stimulate thoughts and discussions

Editor, Chris Allen and the team will take the mobile display unit to pre-arranged venues to make the recordings. Gardening props and images will be on show to help stimulate thoughts and discussions to record the interviews with visitors.  Recordings will be made at events and venues in the UK, the dates and venues will be published regularly in The Gardening If you know someone who has a story to tell and they would like to take part please email: Also, if you would like the Audio Record display to attend your event or venue please contact Chris Allen.

Reported by Chris Allen  

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