Published: 19 April 2013
The National Plant Collections Directory
We have a look at a publication regarded as essential reading for all plant enthusiasts.
Clear information for each collection entry
For all of us with a passion for plants, their conservation and preservation, the latest publication from Plant Heritage is now available to add to our essential reading pile. 
The 2013 National Plant Collections Directory is a must have publication in order to follow the progress of the great work carried out by the charity and contains details of over 640 specialist collections and where to visit them. 2013 also sees Plant Heritage celebrating its 35th anniversary with some great events and collection open days taking place. The details of these are also contained in this directory. 
The directory is full of facts about the national collections and it could appear daunting to read at first glance, but we found that extracting relevant information, specific details about finding or visiting a plant collection by cross reverencing the easy to use lists make it very reader friendly.

Planning Visits

The diary pages for the collection open days are certainly good for planning visits throughout the year. These are followed by pages of the collections listed county by county throughout the UK, these cross reference directly to the individual collection entries that form the bulk of the directory.

Each collection entry is listed alphabetically by botanical plant name plus the collection holders name and their geographical location, a brief description of the site plus opening arrangements and costs. Symbols below each entry indicate other facilities available on site at the time of opening. The number of plant species and taxa are also given to indicate the size of the collection to be seen. 

The 35th Anniversary open day details 

Another index with plant common names relating to the current collections identifies the botanical names which is useful for those of us who may have forgotten the odd bit Latin recently.

There is also a useful list of the people who act as area group contacts should further information be required about a collection in a certain part of the country.
Further information about Plant Heritage and purchasing the directory can be found by visiting: The directory cost (as of April 2013) is £7.60 including postage and packing.

Reported by Chris Allen  

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