Published: 13 March 2013
The LGarden by Venture Products
Venture Products, a Milwaukee-based company in the USA is introducing the LGarden.
The LGarden in use.
The LGarden, short for “elevated garden”, is a waist-high innovative gardening system on wheels designed to both eliminate the physical strain of traditional gardening and allow gardening in places with limited space. 
The LGarden features over 12 square feet of gardening space, which is enough to grow 15 mature vegetable plants, including deep rooted varieties.  The carriage is constructed of powder-coated steel, and its four wheels allow for safe and easy mobility.  The LGarden’s dimensions are 62 inches long, 30 inches wide and 32 inches in height.

Convenient Height

LGarden designer Dave Laudon stated that “We expect the LGarden to be popular among urban gardeners looking to grow their own fresh vegetables. Senior gardeners will love it too because it’s convenient height eliminates back and knee strain from gardening. For example, my mother simply doesn’t have the same range of motion that she used to have, which makes gardening difficult. The LGarden creates a realistic gardening option for her.” 

The LGarden will be carried by independent garden centres and e-tailers in the USA during the coming months. Any of our UK readers who are interested should have a look at the ‘Vegtrug’ range from Vegtrug Ltd, partners of Venture Products. We previewed the Vegtrug range in an earlier article which you can find a link to below.

Venture Products is a division of the Milwaukee, WI company DLS Lawn & Garden, a twenty year leader in selling products to garden centres & outdoor retailers.
For more information about this new product by Venture Products LLC have a look at their website:  or contact them by email:
Reported by Chris Allen  

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