Published: 23 January 2013
RSPB Birdwatch
Chris Allen and Andrew McCarthy report for The Gardening Times LIVE on the RSPB Birdwatch taking place on the 26-27th of January 2013.

This is the time of year when our garden birds are at their most noticeable, and vulnerable. Their need for food in the cold weather will bring them into closer contact with humans than at any other time, and with more people than ever making the effort to feed them, it is no surprise that the RSPB chose a weekend in late January as the time to run their annual Big Garden Birdwatch. 
At The Gardening we are very aware of just how important our garden birds are to the ecology of our gardens, and we are pleased to have as a member of our team, wild life expert Andrew McCarthy. 
On a snowy day last weekend we visited Andrew’s garden; in which he has devoted an area to encouraging wild life including many species of birds.
As readers will be aware, Andrew is a very keen photographer, and his articles in the magazine have featured some of the beautiful wildlife pictures that he has taken. Look out for his upcoming article about his passion for photographing the birds. 
Inspired by Andrew’s photographs, we decided to have a go at filming the birds in our own garden at Blackwood. We were delighted by the variety of species that we managed to film in quite a short time, and you will see some of them in the latter part of the video. 

This video is the first of a new series which we are producing, under the name of The Gardening Times Live. The new programme will run alongside the magazine, and they will include studio based interviews and discussions; as well as garden visits, and tutorials by Chris Allen.
The videos are filmed in HD, so make yourself comfortable and enjoy watching the birds. Hopefully you will be inspired to register with the RSPB to take part in their Big Garden Birdwatch. We will certainly be joining in with our own survey and, weather permitting we will be filming the birds that we see. 

Reported by Liz Thompson  

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