Published: 17 December 2012
The Olympic Park
As an incredible year for British sport comes to an end, it's not just the athletes who are winning awards.

Top UK landscape companies won a major award at the British Association of Landscape Industries [BALI] National Landscape Awards ceremony at the Grosvenor House in London on Friday 7th December 2012.

The submission for the award recognising the competed work for the new Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park was made jointly by Frosts Landscape Construction, Gavin Jones, White Horse Contractors and Willerby Landscapes. These companies worked together and with other professionals to create the spectacular park that was seen by tens of thousands of visitors to the games plus the millions of people watching the coverage on television around the world. 

Green Legacy

The Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park is one of the largest to be built of its kind in the UK this century and has created over 100 hectares of much needed new parklands in East London.

The BALI contractors worked in close collaboration with Landscape Architects and the Olympic Development Authority to transform this once derelict and polluted site into a ‘Green Legacy’ park for future generations.

The landscaping of the main Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park played a vital role during the games, creating a natural parkland setting with the stunning wild flower meadows, wetland habitats, ponds and woodlands along with artificial kingfisher and sand martin nesting banks, two otter holts and many bird and bat boxes that have been incorporated within bridges and retaining walls plus some of the building on the site.


Global Audience

One of the many spectacular views of the Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park.
It was the unanimous opinion of the BALI judges to award ‘The BALI 40th Anniversary Commemorative Award for Outstanding British Landscape Excellence’ because of the uniqueness and scale of the scheme and its impact on a global audience in BALI’s 40th anniversary year. It also recognised the contractors with this special one-off award.
The judge’s official comments were ‘As a nation, we have celebrated the achievements of Team GB and the Paralympics athletes and recognised the superb organisation of professionals and volunteers to stage the London 2012 Olympic Games. The landscaping of the main Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park played a vital role, creating natural parkland settings with stunning wildflower meadows, wetland habitats, gardens and spectator lawns. The vast scale and challenging environment of the site was approached with confidence and professionalism by the BALI contractors whilst working closely with leading industry specialists in meadow plantation from Sheffield University to trial and perfect this relatively new and exciting naturalistic landscape technique’    


BALI is the UK’s largest trade association for professional landscape designers, landscape and maintenance contractors and suppliers of industry products and services. It has a membership of over 700 and is based at Stoneleigh Park in Warwickshire. The National Landscape awards are designed to showcase the high levels of professionalism attained by BALI members each year. The event is now in its 36th year and is the largest landscaping awards scheme in Europe. The competition is independently adjudicated by a panel of leading experts in landscaping, grounds maintenance and interior projects.

Readers who may be looking for a landscape designer or contract company can see BALI members by visiting their website:, and clicking on the ‘Members Directory’. Enter your post code, select the category and you will have a list of suitable companies shown on the screen; all having been through an extensive application and selection process prior to becoming members.
All images reproduced with kind permission of the ODA and LOCOG.

Reported by Chris Allen  

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