Published: 04 December 2012
Global Gardeners Allotment
Following a recent visit to The Eden Project, a couple of Gardening Times readers share their thoughts on the Global Gardeners Allotment exhibit.

Dear Editor

I read a recent article in your publication which reminded me of our visit to the Eden Project in Cornwall; the reference was to the importance of the different plants from around the world. 
To us the Eden biomes are spectacular for lots of different reasons; however the area that made us really think about the different plants from all over the world was the outdoor ‘Global Gardeners Allotment’ exhibit. We have sent some pictures for you to show your readers. 

As we walked around this allotment area we realised that the plants on show are grown in foreign countries by real people who depend on them for their food and sometimes materials for clothes or household items.

This whole allotment display was so realistic that it was like we were walking through someone’s real garden in another country, I also think it was because this display was on a more human scale that we could relate to it better, compared to the enormous biomes.

The message that came through loud and clear was that many people still rely on their own home grown crops because there may be only limited supplies available from elsewhere.  
At home our ‘grow your own’ efforts look rather tame compared with the reality for many others.
Our visit to Eden certainly challenged our thoughts about the plants we grow and use for eating, which must be what the Eden Project is partly about.

For those that have not visited yet we certainly recommend it as a great day out.
George and Lauren 
Reported by Chris Allen  

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