Published: 29 November 2012
Horticultural Postcards
Many classic postcards show us nostalgic scenes from popular holiday destinations of years gone by. Help us identify this floral postcard which we recently discovered.

Many of us have sent postcards at some time or other with a picture of our holiday destination emblazoned on the front. Historically many postcards had images of what we would now think of as obscure locations with no connection to a holiday destination.  Many early postcards were sent as a letter containing everyday news rather than a holiday message.

While rummaging through a box of old postcards in a charity shop recently I found the following post card and wondered where it was, could it be a UK location or possible a Mediterranean resort. The planting appears to be of different cultivars of Roses in the borders with a mass of seasonal bedding on the pillars.

If any reader can identify this location we would like to hear from you. Likewise if you have any interesting postcards you would like to share with readers please make contact by email :

Reported by Chris Allen  

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