Published: 25 November 2012
The Apotment Project
An exciting new challenge is being developed at Blackwood garden that will progress through 2013.

Chris Allen prepares an area for the project.
Growing edible plants in containers is not a new topic, the practice has been carried out around the world for centuries.
The Gardening Times team however is taking a fresh look at what can be achieved in containers irrespective of the size of garden, back yard or balcony space being available. Provided there is sufficient natural light, warmth, water and nutrients during the growing seasons it should be possible to grow some edible plant crops.

The Challenge


We have set ourselves the target of harvesting at least one crop of edible produce every week during 2013.The first seed sowing will be during this autumn and we will record our activities online for all to see.

We are designing an area within our Devon garden to create ‘The Apotment’  The concept is to combine the elements of an allotment, a pottage and conventional vegetable beds into a container only zone.  There are several reasons for trying all this, firstly not everyone has access to open soil areas and many people may only have limited space. Another key point is that growing in containers can improve plant growth during adverse weather conditions because it is easier to provide small scale protection for the crops.  
We will bring you regular updates of how The Apotment project is developing, not only with what we are planting, growing and harvesting but answering any questions that are sent in by readers. Our aim is to make this project as interactive and informative as possible so everyone can have a go at growing some edible crops at home or at school.



As we develop The Apotment project we would welcome readers comments on their own experience of growing edible crops in containers so we can trial them  and pass on the results to a wider audience.

A key objective for The Apotment project is to encourage more people to get involved in growing plants in their own space, whatever it is size, location or the resources available.  We will also be using different recycled containers and materials for growing plants and it would be great to share these ideas.

Corporate Support


Containers provided by Anglo Eastern Trading.
The Gardening Times has linked up with some major companies to achieve this challenge.
We are extremely grateful to the following companies who have supplied their products for us to use – More details about each product will be given as we start using them in The Apotment. 

To date the following companies are involved -
Suttons Seeds are providing a range of their edible seeds, including the amazing ‘Homegrown Revolution’ varieties that are highlighted in the recent video interview I recorded with James Wong.
Vitax are providing their fantastic composts and feeds plus their new environmentally friendly slug control product called ‘Slug gone’.
Anglo Eastern Trading are releasing some of their new range of containers that are available in garden centres
Following our factory tour earlier this year, Bulldog have supplied a range of quality hand held tools to assist us.
Brother have provided a handheld ’P-touch GL200VP’ Professional Garden Labeller for clear labelling throughout The Apotment project.
Other companies have expressed an interest in supporting this exciting new project and we will be updating you soon with future developments.
Reported by Chris Allen  

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