Published: 08 November 2012
The Grand Cascade at Alnwick
In the gardens of Alnwick Castle you will find the Grand Cascade, an incredible water feature which is said to be the largest of its kind in the UK. Some readers of The Gardening Times reported back.

We recently visited the Duchess of Northumberland’s garden at Alnwick Castle. We were amazed at the progress made within the past ten years from what was a derelict plot of land into what is now a very established garden with many spectacular features. Our favourite was undoubtedly the Grand Cascade. With curved stone walls and many steps from the top of the hill to the bottom all with thousands of gallons of water rushing down and spraying out as fountains in all directions, it was an amazing spectacle.

The work involved in pumping such large amounts of water and keeping it clean and free of all the leaves blowing around from the surrounding trees must be a huge maintenance challenge for the staff.
The water fountains appeared to change directions or patterns at certain times but we could not follow the sequences because we were so mesmerised by the whole display.

We thoroughly enjoyed our day seeing the rest of the gardens and the tree house but the water cascade was definitely the best part we saw. We wanted to share our very pleasant experience with your readers and attach two photos of the Grand Cascade. We would recommend Gardening Times readers to also pay a visit to The Alnwick Garden in Northumberland for a great day out in a lovely part of the country.
Best Wishes to all
T & P Westerby
Reported by Two Southern Travellers  

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