Published: 05 November 2012
Horticulture Through a Lens
Photographer Catherine Allen shares with us a collection photographs of flora that she has encountered from her extensive travels around the world.

Tropical Canopy, Dominican Republic

For the past few years Catherine Allen, also known by the moniker EyeSpyCat, has been travelling the world, documenting the places and people she encounters.

Currently based in Santiago, Chile, Catherine looks for natural moments in life to photograph when travelling the continents to learn about new cultures and ways of life. Shunning the classic shots of well known landmarks, she is more likely to be found photographing the people nearby who are going about their lives otherwise unnoticed. 
Whilst travelling she has also encountered an impressive array of horticulture which she has been kind enough to share a sample of to be published here. 

To see more of Catherine's work, be sure to visit her website and Facebook page for her latest pictures.
Poppies in Le Verdon, France

Bellis, Vancouver, Canada

Tulips, Bergen, Norway

Rose, Devon


Agapanthus, Madeira

Arum Lily, Devon
Reported by Peter Thompson  

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