Published: 29 October 2012
A Carrion Flower Opens
Have a look at the process of a Carrion Flower bursting into bloom and learn some tips for keeping this plant flowering year after year.

The Carrion flower plant deserves its allotted common name due to the pungent smell of rotting meat it emits when open.

Growing Advice

This clump forming succulent has upright stems that support the late summer flowers. In a frost free conservatory or a windowsill with sufficient light levels Stapelia flavirostris will produce a flower display provided it does not receive any frost damaged or become waterlogged; a sandy, free draining compost is essential to prevent this happening. After flowering a liquid high potash feed will encourage repeat flowering the following year. 

The Flower Opens

We thank The Gardening Times reader Helen Franklin for sending the above sequence of images showing a flower opening on a plant that she grows in her west facing, double glazed porch. Helen says the flower took about two hours to open, and she did spend the whole time watching and taking these photos. This is the sort of commitment we like to hear about from our readers.

Reported by Chris Allen  

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