Published: 24 September 2012
Andrew McCarthy
Introducing a new contributor to The Gardening Times, wildlife expert Andrew McCarthy.

Andrew has had a passion for wildlife from his early days out in the countryside observing, discovering and photographing.

Andrew writes – ‘I have been interested in nature for as long as I can recall.  My first obsession was bird watching at the tender age of six. I then took up fishing which gave me the opportunity to sit quietly and watch wildlife in close-up’.  
His interest in all forms of wildlife has continued and now Andrew says he is lucky enough to get paid to study wildlife in his role as a Technical Director for a large environmental consultancy. This role takes him all over the country carrying out field surveys prior to new development projects and advising clients on more specialist aspects from bats to pond life and every type of flora and habitat.
Andrew has captured some incredible photographs of the natural world.

The Natural World

With his expertise, extensive knowledge and practical experience, Andrew is highly qualified to bring in some great wildlife stories for us to share with you.
Andrew continued ‘I have a particular interest in botany but most areas of natural history fascinate me, the problem is finding enough time to do all these things’
I also share a lifelong interest in all things connected with the natural world and it never ceases to amaze me just how much diversity, and interest there is in our own garden or local area. The lack of time to be out and about seeing it all is always an obstacle to be overcome.
Andrew will be out and about and reporting back for us, plus taking some stunning images, I hope you enjoy reading his regular wildlife features as much as we will.

In the meantime you can read Andrew's first article for us looking at the effect that this year's weather has had on our local wildlife, and you can visit the website of his Devon based ecology consultancy here.

Reported by Chris Allen  

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