Published: 09 August 2012
Out and About in Telford
Just beyond the hustle and bustle of Telford's shopping malls there is a tranquil oasis with an oriental theme.

On a recent visit to Telford I discovered the Town Park. By following the finger board signs I navigated my way across endless car parks and development zones towards a heavily treed area.

Behind a metal security fence was what I was looking for - a delightfully landscaped scene with lots of interesting shape and form, complete with a good mixed planting of trees.
A section of the Town Park is called the Maxell Garden and here the Sakura collection of ornamental Japanese Cherries is planted to give a wonderfully atmospheric space with a pleasing Japanese theme. This area was created in the 1980’s and sponsored by Maxell Europe Ltd who have their offices in the town. The Lord Elton, as Minister of State for the Environment performed the opening ceremony on the 4th July 1986.

Good Design Principles

The undulating site has been maximised to show different features from various heights and positions. The timber walkways with their decorative balustrades give a strong horizontal feature within the slopes and also connect the pool into the landscape as a very strong visual feature as well as its practical use to allow visitors to view the gardens around the pool from different points.
The waterfall was constructed from stone quarried during the construction of the nearby M54 motorway.




Something fishy

An original stone sculpture within the garden also has a strong Japanese theme. Brian Gilbride, Head Gardener said ‘’ It was carved on site when the garden was being built by a sculptor called Angelo Bordonari and represents three sections of a fish’’ he added ‘’A Japanese legend says that during a fishing trip the person who catches the largest fish should cut it into three sections, the head representing ‘knowledge’, the middle ‘life’ and the tail section representing ‘power’ to the fishermen’’.

The Telford Town Park Manager is Nicola Allen who told me about the ongoing maintenance programme plus the new planting that is planned for this autumn. She said ‘’It is important to keep the park up to date and fresh, we are continually reviewing the collections and replacing when required’’.   As all local authority staff are aware this is an ongoing obligation that is not always appreciated by the general public. Nicole Allen continued ‘’We are wanting to improve the horticultural significance of the Town Park with major new planting in the area planned for this autumn’’
With financial pressure from all directions on local authorities it is good to see, and hear about the work being done, and being proposed by the Parks and Open Spaces team in Telford. 

The importance of green spaces

The green spaces in our towns and cities play an important part in the lives of their inhabitants.  It is time we all take a greater interest in them. If your local authority is making major improvements for your town or cities green spaces please let us know, The Gardening is keen to spread the word and support the horticultural teams involved.

Reported by Chris Allen  

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