Published: 30 May 2012
Gtech HT04 Hedgetrimmer
We test out the new Gtech HT04 multi-tool cordless hedgetrimmer.

A new lightweight battery operated multi cutting tool for gardeners is now available and will be of interest to many people with small, or medium sized gardens who don’t need a petrol machine or want the hassle of electric cables trailing everywhere. 

The HT04 is extendable so that it can deal with tall hedges.

I recently tried out this new power tool in our Blackwood Garden and here are my findings.


Surprisingly Powerful

The new cordless Gtech HTO4 2 in 1 multi-tool is surprisingly powerful considering how light in weight it is, even with the rechargeable battery fitted. A key factor is the well balanced design that distributes the weight along the full length of the machine, when it is being used far less effort is needed to lift and operate it, even at arm’s length for a tall hedge.
The interchangeable hedge trimming  and branch cutting blades are easily connected to the main drive shaft by pressing two yellow clips with one hand and slipping the cutting head either on or off with the other hand,  no tools, undoing nuts or fiddling about is required. When using the cutting heads on a range of plants the cutting action appeared very positive. Another feature that makes cutting easier is the 120 degree tilt adjustment on the head that is altered at the press of button.
In order to reach taller plants the handle can be extended by simply lifting the locking latch and pulling out the telescopic tube to the required length, then pressing the latch down to secure  the extended handle in its new position, once again achieved in seconds with no tools necessary.

Tall Hedges


The controls to operate the Gtech HT04 multi-tool are easily accessible and offer sensible safety features to dramatically reduce the risk of misuse or accidents. The machine can only be operated with two hands to prevent accidental starting. One hand is needed to depress the rear switch and slide lock while the other hand is required to press either the middle switch or the front switch. This option of a middle and front switch position is very clever and allows the operator to work at the most comfortable and safe position without over stretching their arms.
With only a little practice I found this multi-tool easy to use, lightweight and extremely agile even when cutting a tall hedge. Changing over the different cutting heads is the easiest system I have come across. I also liked the fact that this machine was operating with low noise levels, a key point with so much other noise pollution about.
Historically some cordless garden tools have been underpowered and not sufficiently robust enough to carry out the tasks expected of them. Gtech have managed to develop this technology to ensure that going cordless does not mean poor performance. In our testing we found that the battery lasted comfortably for up to an hour of cutting time, although this can be dependent on factors such as the thickness and density of growth.
What a great little machine for no hassle pruning.

Video Review



Note: Please remember to only operate garden tools and equipment in suitable conditions and always wear appropriate protective clothing.
The Gtech HT04 multi-tool is available from garden centres and mail order priced from £99.95.
Reported by Chris Allen  

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